Website for Software Engineering at Home

A self hosted toolset for making content in the Software Engineering at Home organisation more accessible to internet users via mobile, and desktop devices.

Preview of website - site name navigation, sidebar, front page content


Content for this website is sourced from the software-engineering-at-home/content repo.

To work with this project locally, you’ll need to check out the both the website and content folders into the same directory, as per the software-engineering-at-home/ownership instructions.

Project Features

  • Markdown driven website
  • Interactive Vue components as first class citizen
  • Auto-generated sidebar based on nested folder structure
  • New components can be developed anywhere in the site root; and embedded into Markdown


  • Hosted via GitHub pages
  • Deployed automatically via GitHub Actions

When setup correctly (see below); you should be able to access this site on:

Development Support

  • Hot-reloading provided by Vuepress
  • Mocha test framework included
  • Linting included as part of tests
  • Testing on PRs via Github Actions

How to get started

You should now be able to view the site locally through your web browser.



The hosted vuesite packages together:

  • @fortawesome/fontawesome-svg-core
  • @fortawesome/free-solid-svg-icons
  • @fortawesome/vue-fontawesome
  • @vuepress/plugin-register-components
  • @vuepress/theme-default
  • axios
  • time-until
  • vuepress

Whilst the build tools require:

  • @connected-web/md2json
  • capture-website-cli
  • chai
  • eslint
  • eslint-plugin-html
  • eslint-plugin-mocha
  • eslint-plugin-vue
  • mocha
  • node-localstorage
  • promise-path
  • standard

Which come with their own terms and conditions.


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