? Wireguard Insights

A self-hosted Wireguard administration tool that can be accessed through HTTP API or a Web-based portal for managing Wireguard server and clients.

This HTTP portal uses wg command under the hood to make changes to the wireguard servser and its peers.


  • ? Secure authentication
  • ? Real-time Wireguard systemctl status, Google and CloudFlare ping, server resources statistics
  • ? Create, read, update and delete clients
  • ? Real-time client connection status and statistics
  • ✅ Compatible with the widely used wireguard-install.sh script
  • ? Serving client configuration in file and QR code format
  • ? Backup methods for Wireguard server configuration


make sure you have wiregaurd installed on your machine.


where to install client and server

Install wg-insights/server on the same server you have Wireguard running, then run the wg-insights/client anywhere you want by passing the correct VITE_HTTP_BASE_URL to it.


docker build -t wireguard-insights ./


cd client && pm2 start --name wg-insights/client pnpm -- prod
cd server && pm2 start --name wg-insights/server yarn -- start


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