Yet another Vue component for input masking. Based on react-input-mask.


yarn add vue-input-mask
npm i -S vue-input-mask


mask : string

Mask string. Default format characters are:

9: 0-9

a: A-Z, a-z

*: A-Z, a-z, 0-9

Any character can be escaped with a backslash. It will appear as a double backslash in JS strings. For example, a German phone mask with unremoveable prefix +49 will look like mask="+4\9 99 999 99" or mask={'+4\\9 99 999 99'}

maskChar : string

Character to cover unfilled parts of the mask. Default character is "_". If set to null or empty string, unfilled parts will be empty as in ordinary input.

formatChars : object

Defines format characters with characters as a keys and corresponding RegExp strings as a values. Default ones:

  '9': '[0-9]',
  'a': '[A-Za-z]',
  '*': '[A-Za-z0-9]'

alwaysShowMask : boolean

Show mask when input is empty and has no focus.


import Vue from 'vue';
import InputMask from 'vue-input-mask';

Vue.component('input-mask', InputMask)

In template:

    <input-mask v-model="value" mask="+4\9 99 999 99" maskChar=" "></input-mask>


  • [ ] Refactoring
  • [ ] Tests
  • [ ] Implementation of componentWillReceiveProps