File Manager

A Collection of Best File Manager Examples For Vue.js.

1.Vue File Manager - Store, Share & Get Files Instantly

Simple & Powerful Personal Cloud Storage

Make your own Private Cloud with VueFileManager client powered by Laravel and Vue.

Your private cloud storage software build on Laravel & Vue.js. No limits & no monthly fees.


2.VueDisk File Manager

File Manager using vuejs, element ui as frontend and php as backend.

Inspired from Filegator, Aws S3 explorer and Google Drive UI.

It is faster than OwnCloud & Next Cloud and is very simple to setup.


3.laravel-file-manager (Frontend)

File manager for Laravel - Frontend - Vue.js


4.Vuefinder File Manager

Vuefinder is a file manager component for vuejs


5.Vuetify File Browser

Open source file manager component for Vue.js. Requires Vuetify v2.0 or higher.