Vue 3 Admin Templates

Vue 3 is the latest version of Vue and the largest web framework with a lot of features, all easy to use. We’ve hand-picked the list of admin dashboard templates in 2021.

Boost your workflow and save yourself enormous amounts of time with Vue 3 admin templates.

1.Vuero - VueJS 3 Admin and Webapp UI Kit

Vuero is not a theme, it’s not a framework, instead, it is a hybrid design system. Vuero is not just a Vue port of Huro, it is a full rewrite using the brand new Vue 3 Composition API. It provides ready pages to start building your application effortlessly, as well as a set of additional elements that will help you create new pages for your specific needs. Everything you need to start is there, dashboards, forms, layouts, profile, apps, elements, components and much more.. Please note however that Vuero is not a WordPress theme.


2.Midone - Vuejs 3 Admin Dashboard Template

Midone is a Vue 3 admin dashboard starter kit with TailwindCSS integration. You can use Vue 3 new features as well as a TailwindCSS component. The project scaffolding and directory structure has been specially designed for production.



Vue 3.0.0 start-up project with AdminLTE 3.1.0 template



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