Basic Redis Caching Demo

This app returns the number of repositories a Github account has. When you first search for an account, the server calls Github’s API to return the response. This can take 100s of milliseconds. The server then adds the details of this slow response to Redis for future requests. When you search again, the next response comes directly from Redis cache instead of calling Github. The responses are usually returned in a millisecond or so making it blazing fast.

Overview video

Here’s a short video that explains the project and how it uses Redis:

Watch the video on YouTube

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Deploy to Heroku

Deploy to Heorku

Deploy to Vercel:

Deploy with Vercel

Deploy to Google Cloud

Run on Google Cloud

How it works?

How it works

1. How the data is stored:

SETEX microsoft 3600 1000

2. How the data is accessed:

GET microsoft

How to run it locally?

Copy .env.sample to create .env. And provide the values for environment variables

- REDIS_PASSWORD: Password to the server

Run frontend

cd client
yarn serve

Run backend

yarn start


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