RamroCode 1.1.0

Beautiful screenshot of your code snippets


Feature roadmap ?

  • [x] Better image quality for screenshots
  • [ ] Dedicated code editor(Check codemirror branch for more updates)
  • [ ] More cool designs for code snippets
  • [ ] Support for line numbers
  • [ ] Landing page to highlight its features

Development ?

Its a vuejs based project. If you have nodejs and vue-cli installed, you are already equipped with everythig you need.

  • Clone this project: git clone [email protected]:the-value-crew/ramroCode.git
  • Install dependencies: npm install
  • Development : npm run serve
  • Build: npm run build

Contribution ?

If you would like to contribute to this awesome tool, please make a pull request. Or if you have some cool features in mind, please create an issue.


GPL 3.0
Copyright (c) 2020-present