Movies Store App (Vue + Nuxt.js + Vuex + Appbase)

Checkout the final app that we will build at the end of this series — or

This is a tutorial series aiming to teach how to build a feature-rich, scalable e-commerce app using Vue, Vuex and Nuxt.

You will learn the following concepts:

  • Basics of Vue and VueX, and how to use them effectively by building an e-commerce app from ground up,

  • Build a full-stack progressive web app with offline support,

  • Build an end-to-end app with a first class search experience,

  • The latest trends in ES6/ES7, how to use CSS-in-JS & dive into server-side rendering (SEO focused) using Nuxt.JS,

  • Learn about the following SaaS services:

  • (for powering search and search-driven analytics),

  • Auth0 (for user authentication functionality),

  • Stripe (for handling payments), and

  • Heroku and Vercel(for hosting the app).

Getting Started

1. Clone the repo or Unzip the project

If you’re using a Zip of the project, just unzip and go to the root directory.

If you’re accessing this via the Github repository, you can clone the project using:

git clone

2. Set up Environment variables

Create a .env file at the root & add the following config variables:


3. Run the project

Run the following command to run the project locally

cd vue-moviesstore
yarn && yarn dev

Voila! Your project is live at localhost:4000.

Note: If you’re on windows, use yarn windows-dev instead of yarn dev in the above command.

4. Customize Theme

You can easily customize the app UI just by modifying the theme variables in utils/constants.js file.

Check out the tutorial series

  1. Getting Started with Vue and Nuxt.JS

  2. Basics of Vue

  3. Home Page + Layout + CSS-in-JS (Emotion.JS)

  4. Basics of VueX

  5. + ReactiveSearch UI Components

  6. Building The Search Page

  7. Authentication with Auth0

  8. Product Page + Checkout Page + Payment with Stripe

  9. Analytics with

  10. Deploying the Nuxt App:
    A) Deployment with Heroku
    B) Deployment with Vercel

  11. PWA (Progressive Web App) compatibility

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