Zircle UI

Zircle UI is a circular zooming user interface library based on Vue.js. It mixes two principles: circular shapes and zooming navigation in the aim of strengthening each other and create a good user experience.

Main features

  • Zooming navigation up to 6 level of depth.
  • It works well on mobile devices and big screens as it is responsive.
  • It comes with a minimal set of UI components to build your app.
  • It is possible to customize themes and styles to fit your needs.

Note: Waiting Vue-CLI 3 to be ready for production. Please check out the Zircle´s dev branch since many changes are being made under the hood:

  1. Optimize, modify, merge or delete some in-built components.
  2. Optmize code for maintainbility.
  3. Add unit tests based on Jest.
  4. Add debug mode for development.
  5. Optimize zircle state store. Only actions will be exposed.
  6. Repack zircle with vueCLI in order to be more dev friendly.
    For those reasons, the next release will have some breaking changes.


Content delivery networks (CDN)

* Include https://unpkg.com/zircle in your project with ```<script>``` tag. With CDN you will have the latest version of Zircle as soon as it is published to npm. You can also browse the source of the npm package at https://unpkg.com/zircle/ 


NPM is the recommended installation method of zircle if you are building medium to large scale applications with Vue.

npm install zircle --save


See the Pen Vue.js Ecosystem by Zircle by Juan Martin (@zircle) on CodePen.