Cloudflare Domains Manager

Manage your Cloudflare domains with ease using the Cloudflare Domains Manager. This responsive and efficient application is built with a Vue.js frontend and a Python Flask backend.



Ensure the following prerequisites are installed on your machine:


  • Python 3.9+
  • Flask


  • Node.js 14+
  • npm or yarn

Setup & Installation

Follow these instructions to set up the development environment on your local machine.

1. Clone the Repository

Clone the repository from

git clone
cd community-challenge

2. Backend Setup

Navigate to the backend directory, install the required packages, and start the Flask development server.

Install Dependencies

python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt

Set Environment Variables

Replace the placeholders in the .env sample file with your actual Cloudflare credentials and configurations or copy from .env.sample


Start the Development Server

export FLASK_ENV=development
flask run

The Flask API server will be running on http://localhost:5000.

3. Frontend Setup

Navigate to the frontend directory, install the required packages, and start the development server.

Install Dependencies

npm install

Or if you’re using Yarn:

yarn install

Set Environment Variables

Ensure that your .env file is populated with the necessary environment variables for development.


Start the Development Server

npm run serve

Or for Yarn users:

yarn serve

Access the application on http://localhost:8080.

Participation in the Challenge

For details on participating in the challenge, including writing a Dockerfile, setting up a CI/CD pipeline, and implementing Infrastructure as Code (IaC), please refer to the detailed challenge instructions provided.

Make sure to use the provided pull request template when submitting your solutions to facilitate a uniform and organized evaluation process.

For any questions or clarifications, reach out on the dedicated Slack channel. Happy coding!


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