This is a collection of Telekom styles and base Vue components.


This repository uses bulma styles so you will have to make sure you installed bulma as a dependency to your project. If you are using vue-seed bulma is added as a dependency by default.

Getting Started

To use vue-telekom in your project you will need to add vue-telekom repository as submodule to your project:

# navigate to the folder in your project
# where you would like the submodule to be located (e.g my-project/src/common) and run:
git submodule add
git submodule init
git submodule update

Import Styles

  • Import styles to your main style.scss: @import 'vue-telekom/styles/styles';
  • Import vue-telekom mixins to your mixins.scss file: @import 'vue-telekom/styles/utilities/mixins;
    and use this file when importing to components that need mixins. (vue-telekom mixins file already contains bulma mixins with overriden variables. So please do not import bulma mixins directly to your components as it might lead to viewport breakpoint inconsistency, e.g when using bulma mixins like mobile, tablet, deskop etc.)

Override required variables

Most likely you will need to copy fonts from styles/assets/fonts to your local static folder.
Otherwise fonts will be encoded in the CSS and cause bloat. (The same is for assets images that are used in styles)
To avoid this override $font_path and $assets_path variables like this:

@import '../src/common/vue-telekom/styles/export-variables';

$assets_path: './common/vue-telekom/styles/assets/';
$font_path: './common/vue-telekom/styles/assets/fonts/';

@import '../src/common/vue-telekom/styles/styles';

Import Components

  • Import the necessary vue-telekom components locally to the component that will be using them:
import CommonModal from './vue-telekom/components/CommonModal/CommonModal.vue';

export default Vue.extend({
	components: {CommonModal},
  • Import the necessary vue-telekom components globally:
import CommonModal from './vue-telekom/components/CommonModal/CommonModal.vue';

Vue.component('CommonModal , CommonModal);
  • Import all components globally by importing /vue-telekom/components/index.ts to your main.ts file