Start Date: 25th October, 2022.

This is a repository holding the code for the website of the (concept) company Cadence Logistics, a company focused on getting your goods from here to there, in record time.

? Production

You can see the live version of the site here.

? Design

The corresponding design for the layout of the site is hosted on Figma at this link.

? Tech Stack

  • A large portion of the code is written in Typescript.
  • The project makes use of Vue, and relies heavily on Vue 3, the Composition API and related Vue-based technologies.
  • The testing framework used in this project in Vitest, and the test suite can be run with the test script in the package.json file.
  • This project also uses the GSAP animation library.
  • The build tool for this project is Vite.

? Development and Contribution

To get started, open a terminal and run the following commands one after the other:

git clone
cd cadence
npm install
npm run dev

The last command should start a development server at localhost:5173.

NOTE: The dev server may not work in versions of Node.js lower than 18, due to the core module prefix. If that error occurs, simply go to the vite.config.ts file and replace:

import path from "node:path";


import path from "path";


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