Vikingo Satellite is a cross-platform utility for exploiting vulnerabilities without explicitly displaying the result like:

  • Out-of-band remote code execution
  • Out-of-band SQL Injection
  • XXE
  • Server-side request forgery
  • etc

Key features:

  • one file ~20mb (no need to link 3th party and dependencies)
  • user-friendly UI
  • HTTP module supports automatic renewal of Letsencrypt TLS certificates
  • cross-platform
  • integration with Vikingo Engine

Built-in modules:

  • dns
  • http
  • ftp
  • tcp

How to start

You can download builded release at here: https://github.com/vikingo-project/vsat/releases or use docker image.

For example:

docker run --rm -ti -v -p 1025:1025 vkngo/satellite ./vsat64

Or use persistent DB storage

docker run --rm -ti -v /your/persistent/directory:/app/storage -p 1025:1025 -p 53:53/udp -p 80:80 -p 443:443 -p 21:21 -p 60000:60000 -p 60001:60001 vkngo/satellite ./vsat64 -db /app/storage/dbname.db

where /your/persistent/directory is a directory on the host system.

Screenshots and demo

Interactions page

Share folder via HTTP