Crypto exchange app

Assets portfolio available on native web, iOS, Android


  • Simulations of buying, selling, and converting crypto assets in several currencies supplied by NBP and CoinGecko.
  • Portfolio evaluation with finding possible arbitrages on real markets and calculating net values and taxes.
  • Assets operations history tracking
  • Haptic gestures and native mobile notifications
  • Privacy mode
  • Dark mode

? Development

  • Front-end app built using Vue, Vuex, Vue-Router with composition api and Typescript
  • Native deployment delivered by Capacitor and Ionic
  • Fully serverless using Cloud Functions through Firebase ?
  • User Authentication & Firestore database supplied from Firebase
  • Custom charts via Chart.js
  • Design system based on TailwindCSS
  • LocalStorage state persistance through Vuex-persist
  • PWA Ready


Buy asset
Convert asset
Privacy mode


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