We wanted to build a Decentralized Voting System using Blockchain .After read the hackathon readme file we wanted to made a vue app on the algo-testnet . In their People can Vote their Favourite team . we are making this voting app of the state cricket teams. **Using blockchain, voting process can be made more secure, transparent, immutable, and reliable


  • You can vote anytime/anywhere (During Pandemics like COVID-19 where it’s impossible to hold elections physically.
  • Secure
  • Immutable
  • Faster
  • Transparent

General Voting Diagram


How we built it

We Know that :- “A blockchain is a time-stamped decentralized series of fixed records that contains data of any size is controlled by a large network of computers that are scattered around the globe and not owned by a single organization. Every block is secured and connected with each other using hashing technology which protects it from being tempered by an unauthorized person.”

  • The file contains the smart contract code and is written with the PyTeal library. In this example, a new smart contract is deployed for each new auction. And as we described in the overview, every auction needs to support creating, setting up, placing a bid, and closing out an auction. In a bit, we’ll take you through where each of these scenarios is represented in the code.
  • Only the owner of the web-app can set winner and add a contest because if we gave permission to all then it’s can not secure.

Challenges we ran into

We made this application using vue as a frontend and pyteal as our backend.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

  • My first Dapp in the Algorand Blockchain.
  • It’s takes more than 30hours but finally it’s over you can trylink

What’s next for ALGO VOTING

We are adding Some more feature soon. //–<——— THANK YOU ——–>–//


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