Simple Dapp and Vuejs app that manage payments in ether.

The project includes the following modules:

  • Ethereum Dapp to manage payments
  • Shopping cart developed using Vuejs UI framework

In this project you will find:

  • Example of Ethereum smart contract developed in Solidity
  • Example of Vuejs app
  • Example of Vuex for management of state in Vue
  • Example of Vue Router for routing of Vue components


  • Solidity for smart contracts
  • solcjs for compilation of smart contracts
  • Vuejs as UI Framework (Vuex and Vue Router)
  • Bootstrap as toolkit for styles

Project setup

npm install

Build Dapp smart contracts

npm run dapp:build

Compiles and hot-reloads for development

npm run serve

Run Dapp tests

npm run dapp:test

Structure of the project

/dapp/contracts Sources of smart contracts (solidity code)

/dapp/build Json files that contain abi and bytecode generated in the compilation of smart contracts. Use npm run dapp:build for compilation.

/src/views Vue components. These components are mapped with routes in router.js

/src/domain Domain classes. In this case, code related with smart contracts in blockchain

/src/components Vue components.


It is required to have Metamask plugin installed in browser

  1. Create Payments contract from http://localhost:8080/

Create payments contract

Once the contract is created in Blockchain network it is shown the detail Payments contract detail

  1. Go to shopping cart. http://localhost:8080/

Shopping cart

  1. Add some fruits to the basket and proceed to payment

Proceed to payment

Once the payment transaction is committed in blockchain will be redirected to the detail of payments contract. The detail will show your purchase.

Payment detail

  1. Withdraw funds from the payments contract to the owner account. http://localhost:8080/



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