My Portfolio App

My Portfolio

Built a Vuejs web-app with NuxtJS that showcases my portfolio, skills, experiences and a quick and easy way to reach out to me.

Summary of Tech Stack

This app was built using the latest and greatest technologies out today. I chose to build it in Vue becuase of Vue’s flexible architecture for building component based applications with NuxtJS. I chose to use Sass as my css preprocessor using the scss extension because I love Sass.


I went with simplicity and accessibility,this because I love the simplicity and achieving more by doing less on the part of the end users. Interaction with the app is friendly and problems or errors are communicated effectly.

Run Locally

  • Run this command git clone
  • Run yarn add
  • Double check your ports …that can usually cause errors ?
  • Run yarn dev
  • You are now in the dev environment and you can play around

Tech Stack

  • Vue
  • NuxtJS
  • Sass


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