It's a vue component that will count to a target number at a specified duration.

vue-countTo is a dependency-free, lightweight vue component that can be overwrited easingFn by yourself. You can set startVal and endVal ,it will automatic judge count up or count down. It is support vue-ssr. It is learn from countUp.js;

How to use?

npm install vue-count-to


  <countTo :startVal='startVal' :endVal='endVal' :duration='3000'></countTo>

  import countTo from 'vue-count-to';
  export default {
    components: { countTo },
    data () {
      return {
        startVal: 0,
        endVal: 2017



Use CDN Script: demo


Property Description type default
startVal the value you want to begin at Number 0
endVal the value you want to arrive at Number 2017
duration duration in millisecond Number 3000
autoplay when mounted autoplay Boolean true
decimals the number of decimal places to show Number 0
decimal the split decimal String .
separator the separator String ,
prefix the prefix String ''
suffix the suffix String ''
useEasing is use easing function Boolean true
easingFn the easing function Function

** notes: when autoplay:true , it will auto start when startVal or endVal change **


Function Name Description
mountedCallback when mounted will emit mountedCallback
start start the countTo
pause pause the countTo
reset reset the countTo