A super serious desktop application for Advantage Air MyAir5 systems.

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Gust integrates with your MyAir climate system, putting unmatched power and simplicity into your hands. It’s where functionality meets aesthetics to redefine your interaction with home climate control, or something that a marketing team might write.

In reality it’s just a cool application that does what you need.

Anticipated Questions

Why make it?

If you give a man enough time to despise the tools he has, he will invent new ones. I’m not that man though, and this is just some code. Don’t be weird about it.

Isn’t there already an app?

Yep! But no desktop, and it doesn’t change colour so dramatically. Want something that doesn’t change colours with flair? Not me.

Do I have to spend thousands to even SEE it?!

Nope. Just load the app and enjoy your demo version. Buttons and buttons! Beep boop.




Resources (who actually built it)

  • Nuxt 3: An intuitive Vue framework that provides structure and dynamism to the application. Documentation
  • Pinia: The officially recommended state management solution for Vue.js, offering a centralised store with ultimate flexibility. Documentation
  • Tauri: A robust framework that enhances web technologies with native desktop application capabilities. Unlike Electron, it actually works. Documentation
  • Nuxt UI: A fresh collection of Nuxt 3 components for the modern era. Documentation
  • Tailwind CSS: The utility-first CSS framework that backs Gust’s chic and responsive design. Documentation

Features (what it do)

  • Intuitive Climate Control: Gust simplifies your climate engagements, turning temperature adjustments into an experience rather than a chore. Dial into your comfort zone easily with our user-centric design.
  • Seamless Device Connectivity: Gust instantly recognises your MyAir unit at the launch. Connection is immediate and dependable – but if an issue arises, Gust eases you into a deeply immersive demo mode packed full of features.
  • Fine-tuned Fan Speeds: With just a quick adjustment, Gust provides complete command over your fan’s velocity, making it not just a possibility, but a pleasure.
  • Masterful Zone Regulation: Every room gets its due consideration with Gust’s zone feature. A few clicks yield total domination over the microclimate of any space in your home.

Technical stuff

Setup & build

Think I suck at coding and want to fix my terrible mistakes? Me too. So, here’s some instructions to get it going and beat me at it.

  1. Clone the repo:
    git clone
  2. Install the deps:
    npm install
  3. Spin it up:
    npm run tauri dev

Join in

Reckon you’ve spotted a way gust can be better? Well, go on, don’t just talk about it – chuck up a PR and let’s get it in there.


Gust pledges allegiance to the open-source movement, licensed under the GNU General Public Licence v3.0. Wade through the LICENSE for the nitty-gritty.


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