Vue Registrar

A Vue.js package that makes your code a lot cleaner and much more understandable.

What is this technically?

Vue Registrar is consisted of two features that:

  • Registers all your common and frequently used components globally and ends the need for importing them manually;
  • Assembles all your vuex modules in a nested manner.

Why should I use it?

No more words! see yourself:

Using Component Registrar


If you're familiar with following structure:

// hello-world.vue
<template> ... </template>
import SomethingCommon from './path/to/it'
export default {
  components: { SomethingCommon }

You may need this feature! By using that, you just need to consider your template:

// hello-world.vue
<template> ... </template>

Using Vuex Module Assembler


If you're using Vuex modules (especially in a nested or namespaced manner) like this:

// store.js
import moduleAlphaState from './path/to/moduleAlpha/state'
import moduleAlphaActions from './path/to/moduleAlpha/actions'
import moduleBeta from './path/to/moduleBeta'

export default {
  a: {
    state: moduleAlphaState,
    actions: moduleAlphaActions,
    namespaced: true,
    modules: {
      nestedB: moduleBeta

You'll need this feature. By using it, you don't need to do anything else! just follow a simple directory structure:

└── a
    ├── actions.js
    ├── state.js
    └── b
        ├── actions.js
        ├── getters.js
        ├── mutations.js
        └── state.js