Adatyar is a habit tracker mobile web application that helps you create and track your habits. A user starts by making a list of habits. He/she can choose from the recommended habits or create new custom habits.

TodayHabits – عادت های امروز

In the next step, the application provides a daily list for users to check the habits they have accomplished.

HabitsList – لیست عادت ها

Users can also monitor each day’s list, which contains habits it’s and their statuses (completed or not).

Overview – نیم نگاه

In addition, each month has a heat map showing days’ progress in color. Moreover, users can see a brief report of each day’s habits and whether they have been completed.

Frameworks and Libraries

The project is made by:


HabiTrack Screenshot

HabiTrack Screenshot


For running the project:

yarn dev


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