This app helps trainees to track exercises and meals they do.

TODO before start development

  • ✅typescript
  • ✅Create components and directories beforehand using Atomic design
    • Define component name as well on figma
  • ✅CI/CD for testing and deployment
  • ✅Connection to Firebase for hosting and DB
  • Firebase for Auth
  • Unit test using vitest and testing-library
  • ✅tailwind-css
  • ✅Daisy UI
  • ✅production and local envs
  • TDD
  • Use StoryBook
  • Swagger with spotlight
  • Dev-container

Check the latest development

sample components

Design Figma

Project Setup

git clone
npm ci

Compile and Hot-Reload for Local Enviroment

npm run local

Also, you can do it by running a build task with cmd + shift + b

Confirm on a mobile

Make sure to utilize the same Wifi as PC does

npm run local
  1. Take a note the url coming after Network: ...
  2. type the url including a port number on the address bar.

Type-Check, Compile and Minify for Production

npm run build

Run Unit Tests with Vitest

npm run test:unit

Run End-to-End Tests with Playwright

# Install browsers for the first run
npx playwright install

# When testing on CI, must build the project first
npm run build

# Runs the end-to-end tests
npm run test:e2e
# Runs the tests only on Chromium
npm run test:e2e -- --project=chromium
# Runs the tests of a specific file
npm run test:e2e -- tests/example.spec.ts
# Runs the tests in debug mode
npm run test:e2e -- --debug

Coding guide

direcotry structure

Use Atomic design which helps developers to read code easily and also not to lose where to create component files and direcories.


Represent the basic building blocks of a design system. An example is a button or a text style.


A group of atoms working together as a unit. Molecules are tangible UI elements. For example, a button and text field can be grouped to create a search form.


Atoms and molecules working together in a complex structure. A search field grouped with a navigation bar forms a header organism on a website. Only this component can inherit from a same level of a organism component.


Page-level objects placing components into a layout that defines the content structure. For example, taking a header organism and placing it on a homepage template.


Instances of templates that represent the final product.


Run by GitHub Actions

Style check and Build check

Run by GitHub Actions


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