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Create high quality 3D graphics in the web as easily as writing HTML and CSS.

Quickly make a 3D animation:

![3D Animation]( It’s this easy:

    <HemisphericLight diffuse="#0000FF"></HemisphericLight>
    <Entity :position="[0, 0, 5]">
      <Animation property="rotation.x" :duration="5" :end="Math.PI * 2"></Animation>
      <Animation property="rotation.y" :duration="5" :end="Math.PI * 2"></Animation>
      <Animation property="rotation.z" :duration="5" :end="Math.PI * 2"></Animation>
      <PointLight diffuse="#FF0000"></PointLight>
      <template v-for="x in [0, 4, -4]">
        <template v-for="y in [0, 4, -4]">
          <Box v-for="z in [0, 4, -4]" :position="[x, y, z]" :key="`${x},${y},${z}`"></Box>

It’s even easier if you use Pug (Jade) for templating:

<template lang="pug">
    Entity(:position="[0, 0, 5]")
      Animation(property="rotation.x" :duration="5" :end="Math.PI * 2")
      Animation(property="rotation.y" :duration="5" :end="Math.PI * 2")
      Animation(property="rotation.z" :duration="5" :end="Math.PI * 2")
      template(v-for="x in [0, 4, -4]")
        template(v-for="y in [0, 4, -4]")
          Box(v-for="z in [0, 4, -4]" :position="[x, y, z]" :key="`${x},${y},${z}`")

Getting Started, Installation, and API Documentation

See the documentation website


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Vue-BabylonJS is a 3D graphics component plugin for Vue.js powered by BabylonJS. Vue-BabylonJS draws inspiration from A-Frame, but can be more performant with the exclusion of DOM manipulation and has closer ties to JavaScript through property binding syntax in Vue. Compared to ReactVR which uses A-Frame, Vue-BabylonJS has the potential for higher performance, more organized and decoupled components, and a higher-quality rendering engine.

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We use BabylonJS because it is the most efficient, most feature-rich, and most modern WebGL graphics library available. The addition of Vue makes the engine reactive and development becomes easier to reason about and organize. Out-of-the-box mobile support and sensible defaults make getting started a breeze.

The underlying engine is easily accessible to give pros the tools to tweak every aspect of BabylonJS. The organizational structure of the library is a Component-Entity-System and the Entity component contains many powerful features such a matrix transformation to allow for interaction with the Scene graph like a group of HTML divs. Powerful tools are available such as an integrated reactive property system that enables modifying 3D objects within templates and a Shader component that makes adding WebGL shaders easy.




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