Directus 3D Model Viewer

This extension embeds <model-viewer> into Directus as interface, display, panel andf endpoint (for use with live previews). These extensions will all render a 3d model in various places of the Directus UI. All of the extensions expect the 3d model files to be uploaded to the Directus File storage.

Note: I’ve only tested this with *.glb 3d files! It may work with other formats but no guarantees.

Model Viewer Endpoint

With this endpoint you’ll get a full page 3d model viewer which can be embedded as an iframe almost anywhere. The model viewer settings are configured based on url query parameters.

Camera Control Auto Rotate
Endpoint Tank GIF Endpoint Dino GIF
GET /3d-viewer/viewer/<file-uuid>?options


  • camera_controls boolean
  • auto_rotate boolean
  • shadow_intensity number
  • scale string


GET /3d-viewer/viewer/bedfcb8b-1463-43e9-831e-45fd60f985f8
    &scale=2 2 2

Usage for Live Preview

where the “3D Model” field is a “File” relationship (or an input with a valid file UUID will do too)

Model Viewer Interface

This interface enables you to render 3d models on a Directus detail page. When setting values directly in the interface on an item detail page these will be leading and overwrite the set interface options.

Interface Options Item Values
Interface Options GIF Interface Item Values GIF
Interface Options PNG Interface Item Values PNG

Model Viewer Display

This display enables you to render 3d models on a Directus overview page. This takes a fair amount of resources so would not recommend this for pages with more than a few 3d model refrences.

Overview Page Display Options
Overview Page GIF Display Options GIF

Model Viewer Panel

This panel enables you to render 3d models on a Directus insights panel.

Panel Example Panel Options
Panel Boat GIF Panel Options PNG


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