Vue Onboard

Vue onboard is a template that helps to carry out various types of onboard, in this case, information or a form.

  • VSlide Component: It is in charge of generating the information view, it is composed of a title, paragraph and actions (coming soon).
slides: [
       {title: "Slide 1", text: "Text 1"},
       {title: "Slide 2", text: "Lorem Text 2."},
       {title: "Slide 3", text: "Pellentesque Text 3."},
       {title: "Slide 4", text: "Ut fermentum Text 4."},
       {title: "Slide 5", text: "Nunc a nulla libero Text 5"},
       {title: "Slide 6", text: "Nullam tempus Text 6."},


Work with Vue Onboard

To be able to use it, you must work from a local server, since you are working with ES6 modules, for more information, you can consult here ES6 module support in Chrome 62/Chrome Canary 64, does not work locally, CORS error

Visual Studio Code

You can download the extension Server Live