A lightweight, highly customizable’s Vue component to help user step by step focus on the page.


? Features

  • Lightweight: Bundle size <3kb when gzipped.
  • ? Customizable: Configurable z-index to fit any project.
  • ? Vue Component: Work for Vue 2 and Vue 3.
  • ? Highlighting multiple element: Support highlighting single or multiple element on a step.
  • ? Flexible: Support no hint, single hint, multiple hint on a step and single hint corresponds multiple highlight.
  • ? Type Strong: Written in TypeScript.

? Usage

          selector: '#get-started',
          hint: { text: 'This is a hint', position: 'bottom' },

<script setup lang="ts">
import 'mt-step/css'
import { MtStep, MtStepItem } from 'mt-step'

Refer to documentations for more details.

? Install

yarn add mt-step


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