Kirby Editor β

Kirby Editor is a new type of WYSIWYG editor for Kirby. It's a mixture between a regular WYSIWYG and a block editor to bring together the best parts of both worlds in a user-friendly interface.



We started testing the editor a while ago and it already works great. It is a pretty complex plugin though and we need some more help to get it 100% ready. Please report any issues in the Issues section.


  • Block types:
    • Code
    • Heading 1
    • Heading 2
    • Heading 3
    • Image
    • KirbyText
    • Line
    • Numbered List
    • Quote
    • Text
    • Unordered List
    • Video
  • Markdown shortcuts
  • Drag & Drop sorting of blocks
  • Full control over the created HTML for each individual block
  • Save copy & paste without messed up and unwanted formats