Key Description
k Scroll up
j Scroll down
u Fast scroll up
d Fast scroll down
h Scroll left
l Scroll right
f Highlight
shift Open link in a new tab
r Refresh page
J Switch to pre tab
K Switch to next tab
x Close current page
? Key help


Q1 Why do functions such as scrolling with the ‘j’ key or using the ‘f’ key not perform as expected?

Due to security restrictions of Safari, if the page has a customized keypress behavior, the keypress behavior of Vimkey will be overwritten.
The current temporary solution is to exclude the page from the Vimkey execution scope, which can be set in the Vimkey Settings

Q2 Sometimes problems with Q1 occur accidentally on the same page

It is recommended to turn off Safari’s built-in preloading and try again.

Q3 Why Vimkey in the iPad safari not working ?

In you iPad safari use this extension,
Please make sure you have a keyboard hardware, like Apple Magic Keyboard for iPadPro.


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