Dev Console

A Salesforce Commerce Cloud (Demandware) Cartridge for Developers.

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  • Execute Server Side JavaScript on your Sandbox in your favorite browser
  • No Site Preferences or Misc Imports Required, just drop in and go
  • Safety Measures to prevent running in Production Environments
  • Menu in the Business Manager (with role management)


  1. Install/upload Cartridge
  2. Add sfcc_dev_console to Business Manager Storefront Cartridges Path
  3. Once installed, you can access the Dev Console on your sandbox at /on/ ( change YOUR_SITE_ID to your Site ID, e.g. Sites-Site ).

Business Manager

To make use of the Dev Console in the context of the Business Manager (jobs, business manager modules) do the following:

  1. Add sfcc_developers_core to project or global .gitignore

  2. Add sfcc_dev_console to the Business Manager Cartridges Path, do the following actions to accomplish this:

    • Administration
    • Manage Sites
    • On this page click Mange the Business Manager site
    • Go to the tab Settings
    • Add sfcc_dev_console to the cartridges path
  3. Do the following actions in the Business Manager:

    • Administration
    • Roles & Permissions
    • Click on your role
    • Business Manager Modules
    • Assign rights here (Both on Organization level & the Sites you want to use this on)
  4. To get the link Console (Storefront) to work, you need to assign the sfcc_dev_console cartridge to your Storefront site by following the steps in the Storefront installation guide. business-manager-modules.png

    After configuration in the Business Manager you should see a new menu item in the Administrator & Merchant Tools menu.


Use cases


  • Execute code using your storefront session
  • View objects from the current customer session

Business Manager

  • Execute code using your Business Manager session
  • Execute code as if it is a Business Manager Page
  • Execute code in the same context as Jobs


I am unable to load the console

You may need to temporarily switch Code Versions, then switch back to trigger the update in Business Manager.

I am unable to see the Business Manager modules in the Roles & Permissions

You may need to temporarily switch Code Versions, then switch back to trigger the update in Business Manager.

I clicked the link Console (Storefront), but I am getting a 404 page

In order for this link to work you need to follow the Storefront installation steps.

Sandbox Security

Our sfcc_dev_console cartridge will allow anyone with access to your sandbox to be able to run code.

If you wish to lock down your sandbox, SFCC already provides a solution to protect it.

  1. Head over to Administration > Sites > Manage Sites
  2. Select your Site Name under Storefront Sites
  3. Click the Site Status tab
  4. Set Select the Site Status to Online (Protected)
  5. Enter a Password and click Apply

Once this is set up, anytime you login to your storefront from a new browser, you will need to enter the username storefront and the password you just created. Your login info will be saved as long as you do not clear your browser’s cookies. The Chrome plugin Demandware with Ease provides the ability to automatically login with a Storefront Password.


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