This is a sample application for Hexabase.


Download and install or execute cmd to install

name version URL or cmd note
node v16.x
npm latest $ (sudo) npm install -g npm

User registration to Hexabase and creation your Workspace

  • access
  • Click Don't have an account? Signup
  • Select Signup with email address
  • After entering the email address of the user you want to register, proceed with authentication from the received email
  • After password registration, user registration is completed and your workspace is created

Download source locally from repository

  • git clone or download the zip file and extract it locally

Restore application to workspace created using hexabase-cli

  • access
  • Execute the following command
  • npm install -g hexabase-cli
  • hx contexts:set prod --server --sse
  • hx contexts:use prod
  • hx contexts:login
  • hx workspaces:use *select your workspace
  • hx projects:restore {Path where you placed the source}\
  • if there are no problems, the template application will be restored to your workspace

Launch the front application on localhost

  • Run npm install at the path where you placed the source
  • Run npm run serve application starts at localhost:5004

Update config.js according to the created environment

  • sample-vue-auction/public/config.js
  • (example) update VUE_APP_WORKSPACE_NAME: “My Workspace”
  • (example) update VUE_APP_GROUP_ID: “Grp-KlNruww7”
    • Open the workspace settings from the gear icon on the top right of Hexabase web-ui
    • Select Groups and Members tab and select Edit Group in the Workspace Members group of the group tree
    • Set the displayed group ID value

Grant the member role of the created application to the group to be invited

  • Select Group Roles tab on Groups and Members tab
  • Check the member role of the created project from Edit Roles

Login to the app as a workspace administrator and invitation user

  • access http://localhost:5004/signin and Login
  • access http://localhost:5004/registration
    • Specify the email of the user you want to register in the application and send
    • *Limited to email addresses of users who are not yet registered in Hexabase
  • receive an invitation email, so authenticate on the app screen
  • registered as a User master, bidding for auctions, and registering user information


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