A set of free MIT-licensed high-quality SVG icons, sourced from @tailwindlabs/heroicons, as Vue functional components.


# Only outline icons
npm install @vue-hero-icons/outline

# Only solid icons
npm install @vue-hero-icons/solid


// Only import what you need!
import { AnnotationIcon, ArrowCircleUpIcon, ... } from '@vue-hero-icons/outline'


By default, icons will be sized based on the font size of the parent element.

You can set a custom size using the size attribute.
For multiple based sizing, pass the desired multiple followed by an x.

<AnnotationIcon size="1.5x" class="custom-class" />

You can also set a px size directly by just passing an integer

<AnnotationIcon size="25" class="custom-class" />

Tree shaking

By using ES imports like import { AnnotationIcon } from "@vue-hero-icons/outline" with webpack + minifier or Rollup, unused exports in this module will be automatically eliminated.