A simple app using eth-lightwallet and vuejs to generate ethereum wallet.



Run development environment

clone the repo
npm install
npm run dev

Build assets

npm run build

Server static assets, like we serve in heroku

npm start

Have fun with vue-ethereum wallet app.


  1. /

create wallet with user password

  1. /wallet-seed

create wallet with user password and user seed(12 words)

  1. /import-keystore

import wallet from keystore.json

  1. /contract-transaction

make contract transaction

  1. /value-transaction

make value transaction


  1. unit

    npm run unit

  2. e2e

    npm run e2e

  3. all

    npm run test

Send value

  1. Choose the value transaction or go to /value-transaction.

  2. Import your wallet file and enter the password.

  3. Enter the host or choose the test net host.

  4. Enter the params required.

  5. Click the transaction button.

    If error occure, it throws, or it shows the transaction id.

    You can search transaction id or your account information at ethscan.

    Remember change ethscan to the right network eg, mainnet, rinkeby etc.