Cytusol Player

A simple C2-like level (used in Cytoid) Chart Player.

No resources from Rayark Inc. / Cytoid Official were used.
And it is not Rayark Inc. / Cytoid Official.

Built-in Level: 夢色パレード (w/ 桃箱 & miko) - Yunomi (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 with the level)

Build & Run

Run the project

yarn install
yarn serve

Build the project

yarn build

Share with OneDrive

User Agreement

As the source code shows, this is a pure front-end application.

We had never and will not save any user uploaded data. All data is saved in the uploader's OneDrive.

If you are no longer willing to share the level, please delete the uploaded file on your OneDrive.

Please NOT to upload anything that makes others feel unpleasant.