File Explorer (electron-quasar-file-explorer-v2)

An Electron File Explorer made with Quasar v2 (Vue v3)

This is a follow-up to an article I wrote and published on Medium.

This File Explorer now uses Quasar v2 and Vue 3 composition API.

This is a rudimentary File Explorer that works for Windows, Mac and Linux systems.

Items that have been added since the last tutorial:

  • Double-click to open a file based on it's type

Removed since last tutorial:

  • File/folder watching (I just never got around to updating this)

There is still plenty of work to be done to make it better.

For example:

  • copy, paste, cut, delete
  • file info
  • plug and play drives (ie: USBs)
  • and others

Feel free to PR if you like to make it better for others.


If you appreciate the work that went into this, please consider donating to Quasar or Jeff.


MIT (c) Jeff Galbraith <[email protected]>