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A simple directory where you will find lots of freemium design resources like icons, template ui, illustration, etc. Feel free to browse around.

⚙️ How it works?

Design Resource Collections

✨ Visit this website: ? ?

? Okay! How to Contribute?

  1. Fork this repository
  2. Add your resource in services/resources.json. You can find the format below.

    "id": 16, //increment accordingly
    "category": "Icons", // (Icons, Illustrations, Web App, Mobile App, Stock Photos)
    "title": "", // specify the clear title
    "description": "SVG logos for developers, designers, bloggers, geeks and more", // with description
    "link": "", // share the website link
    "license": "Free" // specify is this fully free or freemium (Free + Buy as you go)
  1. Commit and push! ??


Anbuselvan Rocky


  • No one, feel free to add your known resources. ?




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