? Real simple Electron + Vue + Vite boilerplate.

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This is a Vite-integrated Electron template built with simplification in mind.

The repo contains only the most basic files, dependencies and functionalities to ensure flexibility for various scenarios.

You need a basic understanding of Electron and Vite to get started. But that’s not mandatory – you can learn almost all the details by reading through the source code. Trust me, this repo is not that complex. ?


A dist folder will be generated everytime when dev or build command is executed. File structure of dist is identical to the packages directory to avoid any potential path calculation errors.

├── dist                      Will be generated following the structure of "packages" directory
├   ├── main
├   ├── preload
├   ├── renderer
├── scripts
├   ├── build.mjs             Build script -> npm run build
├   ├── watch.mjs             Develop script -> npm run dev
├── packages
├   ├── main                  Main-process source code
├       ├── vite.config.ts
├   ├── preload               Preload-script source code
├       ├── vite.config.ts
├   ├── renderer              Renderer-process source code
├       ├── vite.config.ts

List the modules you may use as far as possible

Used in Main-process ? electron-vite-boilerplate

Used in Renderer-process ? electron-vite-boilerplate/tree/nodeIntegration

ES Modules

Native Addons

Main window


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