QR-Code Sc4nner

This project is a simple QR-Code Scanner which can be installed on your smartphone as a PWA (Progressive Web App) or used via your preferred browser. It can also be installed on your computer, but make sure the aspect ratio (Portrait) fits the apps needs.

? Install as PWA

To be able to install the QR-Code Sc4nner, simply head to qr.p4s3r0.com and a installation prompt should be shown. If no installation hint appears, click More (3 dots on the right top) and press on Install App. For further instructions get help here

? Features

  • QR-Code Scan: Scan a QR-Code and display it’s content
  • Change Themeing: Change the main colors of the app

? Screenshots

16 different colors to choose from.

Home Screen Scanning After Scan


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