Vue Detached Scrollbar

This is a simple scrollbar that you can detach from the element that you want to scroll in. It comes with a minimal HTML structure.

Live Demo


Simply type

npm install --save vue-detached-scrollbar

You'll need Vue.js to run it.

The components, Gallery and ScrollBar communicate with each other via scrollBus.
You'll need to import and register it as data.

import {scrollBus} from 'vue-detached-scrollbar'

const app = new Vue({
  data: {

Inside the components where you want to use Gallery and Scrollbar, you simply register them as components

import {ScrollBar} from 'vue-detached-scrollbar';

export default {
    components: {

You can customize the scrollbar using the css classes .scrollbar, .scrollbar-slider, and .scrollbar-wrapper. .scrollbar refers to the bar itself whereas .scrollbar-slider is the slider in it.

import {Gallery} from 'vue-detached-scrollbar';

export default {
    components: {

You can put whatever content you want to use between the tags . For example:

    <div id="gallery" class="gallery">
        <div class="gallery-item" v-for="image in imageGallery">
            <img :src="image.src">

It's important to keep the id 'gallery'. The package uses the id to select it.

Due to the nature of the mouse event listener, you should put a onmouseup="document.onmousemove = null" on the main body of the document.


  • Write tests


Want to contribute? I can only work on this project on my free time, so any help is welcome.

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