A simple universal context menu for HTML elements.


# install with npm
npm i add-context-menu

Quick Start

# import add-context-menu
import ContextMenu from 'add-context-menu'
import ContextMenuItem from 'add-context-menu'

How to Use

# Put context-menu including context-menu-items closely next to the element that you want add customed context menu to.


<div id='example'></div>
<context-menu @select="handleSelect" :divided="true">
    <context-menu-item :select="download">Download</context-menu-item>
    <context-menu-item :select="rename" :disabled="true">Rename</context-menu-item>
    <context-menu-item :select="moreInfo">More Info</context-menu-item>

# In this case, HTML element 'example' is the one we want to add customed context menu to.
# <context-menu></context-menu> is the wrapper of the menu.
# <context-menu-item></context-menu-item> is the item in context menu.

context-menu Attributes

Attribute Description Type Default
divided whether a divider is displayed for whole context menu Boolean false

context-menu Events

Event Name Description Parameters
select triggers when a context menu item is clicked the select dispatched from the context menu item

context-menu-item Attributes

Attribute Description Type Default
select a select to be dispatched to context-menu’s select callback String/Number/Object
disabled whether the item is disabled Boolean false

context-menu-item Slot

Custom content for context-menu-item.

For detailed explanation on how things work, consult the docs for vue-loader.


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