A simple Vue component to display tables. Support sortable columns, pagination and custom css styles.

Example with 2 Table components, first one with default styles and paginator, and second one with custom css styles and paginator in 'select' mode.



      {"label":"First Name", "field":"first_name", "sortable":true, "type":"String"},
      {"label":"Email", "field":"email", "sortable":true, "type":"String"},
      {"label":"Age", "field":"age", "sortable":true, "type":"Number"}
      {"first_name":"Isidor" ,"email":"[email protected]", "age":20},
      {"first_name":"Max", "email":"[email protected]", "age":32},
      {"first_name":"Brigham", "email":"[email protected]", "age":54},
      {"first_name":"Jakob", "email":"[email protected]", "age":37},
      {"first_name":"Brannon" ,"email":"[email protected]", "age":18}
      field: 'first_name',
      order: 'asc'
      itemsPerPage: 10,
      align: 'center',
      visualStyle: 'select'
    <template v-slot:items="{ row }">
      <td>{{ row.first_name }}</td>  
      <td>{{ }}</td>              
      <td>{{ row.age }}</td>            
    <template v-slot:no-data>
      <span>No data</span>


  • headers: (required) array with table columns definition (See columns definition)
  • rows: (required) array with data to fill the table
  • sort: object with sorting configuration
    • field: initial sort field
    • order: [asc/desc] sort order
  • pagination: object with pagination configuration
    • enabled: [true/false]
    • itemsPerPage: number of rows in each page
    • align: [left/center/right] position of the paginator (Default 'right')
    • visualStyle: [select/button] paginator style (Default 'button')
  • css-style: css class that will be applied to the component instead of default styles. Custom styles must be defined in this way:
<style lang="scss">
    .ozn-table {
    .ozn-paginator {

Columns definition

Each column must be defined with 4 parameters:

  • label: text that will be shown in the column header
  • field: data field related to the column
  • sortable: [true/false]
  • type: [String/Number]