Only Vue 3 for now!
This plugin includes 3 global components: simple-grid-container,simple-layout-container and simple-grid-item,that will help you to build excellent layout for your app.



npm i simple-vue-grid
// main.js
import { createApp } from "vue"
import App from "./App.vue"
import SimpleVueGrid from "simple-vue-grid"

// optional. If you want to change all default breakpoints or part of them.
const options = {
  breakpoints: {
    xl: 1400,
    xxl: "1920px"

  .use(SimpleVueGrid, options)

And now plugin is ready to use! All containers is registered globally.

Default breakpoints:

  xs: 0,
  sm: 576,
  md: 768,
  lg: 992,
  xl: 1200,
  xxl: 1400

How to use


Just put all your items inside this container and tell him minimum width of columns. It will do all the hard work. The container is elastic and will adapt to all screen sizes, depending on how many columns with this width will fit on the display.

For example:

  <simple-grid-container class="my-class" columnWidth="400px">
    <div v-for="item in library" :key="">
      <h1>{{ }}</h1>

Also you can set follow props:

  • gap - for gap between your items.default: none. Add gap both to rows and columns.
  • elastic-columns - for minmax(columnWidth, 1fr) style. default: true. In most cases just don't change it.
  • inline - for inline-grid css rule, default: false
  • class - because container is just div tag. You can apply all css styles, as well as to all containers in this plugin. Also you can add grid rules like row-gap and column-gap.


This container will help you in more complex situations. You can tell to cols prop how to build your layout. For example:

  • cols="200px 300px 100px"
  • cols="1fr 50px 1fr 1fr"
  • :cols="colsSchema" - dinamic layout
  • lg-cols"repeat(5, 1fr)" - add lg- to cols for lg breakpoint schema. lg is 992px by default.

For more variants see link


  • gap - same as simple-grid-container
  • inline - for inline container. default: false
  • cols - cols Schema
  • rows - rows Schema
  • 'breakpoint'-cols - set cols Schema for specific breakpoint
  • 'breakpoint'-rows - set rows Schema for specific breakpoint


Grid item container help you locate your item on layout that you built in simple-layout-container. The location can be changed depending on the width of the screen.


  • tag - html tag of item container. default: "div"
  • startColumn - start column of item
  • columnSpan - the number of columns it occupies
  • startRow - start row of item
  • rowSpan - the number of rows it occupies

Full example:

    cols="repeat(5, 1fr)"
    lg-cols="repeat(4, 1fr)"
    rows="90px 150px 90px"
      <h1>Grid Item</h1>
    <div v-for="item in library" :key="" class="el">
      <h1>{{ }}</h1>


  • Make it work with Vue 2
  • TypeScript
  • Tests
  • Masonry container

Contributing and Issues

Contribution is welcome! This documentation also needs some improvement. For bugs and issues please open new issue here.

Project setup

npm install

Compiles and hot-reloads for development

This command will run example folder

npm run serve

Run your unit tests

npm run test:unit

Build package

npm run build-library