Web Calculator with Vue.js ⚛️


A simple web calculator built with Vue.js, allowing basic mathematical operations. The calculator provides a user-friendly interface with clickable buttons and also supports keyboard input for a smooth user experience.

Installation ?

To install and run CalculatorApp locally on your machine, follow the steps below:

Prerequisites ?

  • Node.js (v12.0.0 or higher)
  • npm (v6.0.0 or higher)

Clone the Repository ?

git clone https://github.com/TeyDew/calculator-app.git

Navigate to the Project Directory ?

cd calculator-app

Install Dependencies ⚙️

npm install

Build and Run the Application ?‍♂️

npm run serve

The application will be served locally at http://localhost:8080/. Open this URL in your web browser to view CalculatorApp.

Key Features ?

? Numeric buttons for entering digits in the mathematical expression. ➕ Operation buttons (+, -, *, /) for performing corresponding operations. ➡️ “=” button calculates the result of the expression. ? “AC” button clears the entered expression and displayed result. ↩️ “DEL” button removes the last character from the expression. Keyboard support for entering digits and operations. Feel free to contribute to this project by opening issues or submitting pull requests. Enjoy using this web calculator! ?

Acknowledgements ?

This web calculator project was developed using Vue.js framework. A big thanks to the Vue.js team for creating such an amazing framework!


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