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? Background

Anisaki is a simple website that aims to display anime airing schedule. This project was inspired from and They are great and useful website that provides a lot of information, but i want a simple version, so i created this project. The name anisaki comes from the words “anime” and “saiki”(it is a javanese word for “now”).

Try it now:

?️ Tech Stacks

? Features

  • Group anime based on airing day
  • Automatically detect client timezone
  • Multiple langunge (coming soon?)
  • Pin favorites anime (coming soon?)
  • Notify users (coming soon?)

?️ Screenshots

This site only have a single page.

Page screenshot

?‍? Development

Just like reguler nuxt project.

Note Requirements: Node.js >= 16.x setup with pnpm is recommended.

$ git clone
$ pnpm i
$ pnpm dev

? Thanks to

  • Vercel, for the free severless cloud
  • Anilist, for the API that provides data i need
  • Google Translate, for helping me write this
  • @gifaldyazkaa, for making this README look pretty
  • My Friends, for trying this simple project


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