fade-comp is a Vue.js (version >= 3.2) component that fades in/out content . Any html content that is surrounded by the fade-com tags will be subject to fading either vertically or horizontally.

fade-comp can be installed via with the included package.json file for a local installation via the npm install command. fade-comp depends on the vue.js framework. A demo folder is provided that used Parcel together with its associated package.json file to bundle together fade-comp with its vue.js dependency for a simple application. Further details are provided below for running the demo.


A prop in Vue.js is a custom attribute for passing information from a parent component hosting fade-comp instance(s) to a fade-comp as a child component.

fade-comp has the following prop:

direction — the direction of the fade (string; either vertical or horizontal)

out — a boolean which tells fade-com to fade out the content if true; fades in if false


fade-comp does not have any styling variables.


fade-comp does not have any events.


A demonstration of fade-comp is provided in the folder named dist and can be viewed by hosting the index.htmlfile. The demo (templated in the App.vue file) has a single fade-com child which fades in/out and vertically/horizontally some string content.

As a suggestion, install http-server locally/globally via npm then enter the command http-serverin the fade-com dist-prod directory. From a browser enter the url: localhost:8080/ to view the demo.

Here is some example code for using fade-com taken from the demo:

      <section id="button _box">
        <button v-on:click="fade_out_height">Fade Out Height</button>
        <button v-on:click="fade_in_height">Fade In Height</button>
        <button v-on:click="fade_out_left">Fade Out Left</button>
        <button v-on:click="fade_in_left">Fade In Left</button>
        <div id="mess">
          Happy Birthday

And the supporting data references:

  data() {
    return {
      direction: null,
      out: null
  methods: {
    //parent to child methods -- setting properties
    fade_out_height: function(){
      this.direction = 'vertical';
      this.out = true;
    fade_in_height: function(){
      this.direction = 'vertical';
      this.out = false;
    fade_out_left: function(){
      this.direction = 'horizontal';
      this.out = true;
    fade_in_left: function(){
      this.direction = 'horizontal';
      this.out = false;


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