Netlify File Browser

A single-page web-app made to browse and download your Netlify deploys. Built with Vue.js and Vite, deployed on Netlify.

Local testing:

The app is built in Node 17 environment.

  • Clone the repo
  • Create a new Netlify OAuth app here: with Redirect URI as http://localhost:3000
  • Create .env file with the content: VITE_CLIENT_ID=client-id-from-the-above-app
  • Run npm i && npm run dev
  • To use Vue devtools, uncomment line 8 in index.html and run npm run devtools in another terminal window

Reporting issues:

Bug reports and feature requests should strictly follow the templates. Including all the relevant info makes it easier to understand and debug the issue. Any other issue can be created using the blank template, but that’s not recommended unless the issue does not fit in any of those 2 categories.

Note: This tool is not backed by official support from Netlify.


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