A social application built with Vue and Vuex.

Project setup

npm install

Compiles and hot-reloads for development

npm run serve


By Malbonm07

A full stack, fully-featured social media application using Vue, Firebase, Vuex, Express, and Vuetify.

This project covers things such as integration/interactive with REST API server built with Node.js and Express, user login and authentication, image uploads, notifications, cloud functions, and much more.

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Important things to highlight:

  • Sign up and Auth State
  • Vuex Setup
  • Image upload
  • Edit personal profile
  • Add post scream
  • Add a comment
  • Like and Unlike scream
  • Notifications
  • Loading skeletons
  • Creation of custom directives, mixins and custom filter
  • LocalStorage, Authentication, token
  • Single file components
  • Use of vue router params, Navigations guards, meta RequiresAuth