Wiki Adventure

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Wiki Adventure is a multiplayer game combining culture and speed. Players compete against each other on Wikipedia and have to scroll through the pages as quickly as possible to win.

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🚀 Tech stack

Quasar js logo

Vue js logo Typescript logo Netlify logo

The project is a Progressive Web App made with Quasar with Vue and Typescript. It’s deployed on Netlify. The daily are simply store of file system for each day.

🖋️ Contributing

Want to help with Wiki Adventure? Well first, Thank you so much for your interest! We are always appreciate for improvements to the project and contributions from open-source developers are greatly appreciated. What you can do to help:

  • Make the game available in your language.
  • Add daily for your language of choice.
  • Solve one of those issue (if there no issue we’ve made a great job!).
  • Make a code review. It always good to have a second eye!
  • Donate on Ko-Fi ❤️

Run the project

Node js

  • Make sure you have v14 or higher. You can install it from the official website here.


  • Install all the required librairies with
npm i


npm start


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