Wiki Adventure

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Wiki Adventure is a multiplayer game combining culture and speed. Players compete against each other on Wikipedia and have to scroll through the pages as quickly as possible to win.

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? Tech stack

Quasar js logo

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The project is a Progressive Web App made with Quasar with Vue and Typescript. It’s deployed on Netlify. The daily are simply store of file system for each day.

?️ Contributing

Want to help with Wiki Adventure? Well first, Thank you so much for your interest! We are always appreciate for improvements to the project and contributions from open-source developers are greatly appreciated. What you can do to help:

  • Make the game available in your language.
  • Add daily for your language of choice.
  • Solve one of those issue (if there no issue we’ve made a great job!).
  • Make a code review. It always good to have a second eye!
  • Donate on Ko-Fi ❤️

Run the project

Node js

  • Make sure you have v14 or higher. You can install it from the official website here.


  • Install all the required librairies with
npm i


npm start


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