This is a tab completable <input> component for Vue.js. It supports fetching data from a fixed array and dynamically via a method and optional formatting of the tabbed words via a method.

The source code is essentially a port of the tab-complete npm package to a vue friendly format, meaning it's a single vue module and removes the jQuery dependency.

New to 2.0 -- the library is now written for Vue 3


The package is available from npm as vue-tab-complete-input. To install, simply run

npm install vue-tab-complete-input

Or if you use yarn

yarn add vue-tab-complete-input

Build Setup (for contributors)

# install dependencies
yarn install

# serves the docs / development environment
yarn dev 

# serves the docs / development environment with the vercel dev environment
yarn dev:vercel

# run test suite
yarn test 

# run linter 
yarn lint

# Build site
yarn build

# build lib for production with minification
yarn build:lib