A Vue component for magnifying an image within its original container. The zoom behavior is triggered on click and the image can be moved by dragging on touch devices and by either dragging or hover panning on non-touch devices. The component supports responsive images and optional fullscreen zoom on mobile.



npm install vue-inner-image-zoom


yarn add vue-inner-image-zoom


Import the CSS from your node_modules directory using:

import 'vue-inner-image-zoom/lib/vue-inner-image-zoom.css';


Import the component and include in your template:

import InnerImageZoom from 'vue-inner-image-zoom';


export default {
  components: {
    'inner-image-zoom': InnerImageZoom


<inner-image-zoom src="/path/to/image.jpg" zoomSrc="/path/to/zoom-image.jpg" />

This is the simplest usage. For additional examples, visit the demo page.


Prop Type Default Description
src String (Required) URL for the original image.
srcSet String Default srcset attribute for a responsive original image.
sizes String Default sizes attribute for use with srcset.
sources Array A list of image sources for using the picture tag to serve the appropriate original image (see below for more details).
zoomSrc String URL for the larger zoom image. Falls back to original image src if not defined.
alt String Alternative text for the original image.
moveType String pan pan or drag. The user behavior for moving zoomed images on non-touch devices.
fadeDuration Number 150 Fade transition time in milliseconds. If zooming in on transparent images, set this to 0 for best results.
fullscreenOnMobile Boolean false Enables fullscreen zoomed image on touch devices below a specified breakpoint.
mobileBreakpoint Number 640 The maximum breakpoint for fullscreen zoom image when fullscreenOnMobile is true.
className String Custom classname for styling the component.
afterZoomIn Function Function to be called after zoom in.
afterZoomOut Function Function to be called after zoom out.


This prop accepts an array of objects which it uses to create a picture tag and source elements. The component looks for the following optional properties and you can find additional details on responsive images here:

Prop Type Default Description
srcSet String Srcset attribute for source tag.
sizes String Sizes attribute for source tag.
media String An attribute containing a media condition for use with the srcset.
type String An image MIME type. This is useful for using newer formats like WebP.


Please submit issues or requests here.

Most of the implementation choices for this component are based on use cases I've encountered in the past. For example, I chose a click to zoom trigger because it was requested on previous product detail pages I've worked on. If there's a demand for zoom on hover or other additional functionality, I'd be open to taking a look.

One of my big motivations for adapting this component from the original React Inner Image Zoom was to give Vue a try so don't hesitate to flag any areas in the code or the documentation where I'm not following Vue's best practices.