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GPTeams is a third-party client based on OpenAI API, customized for ChatGPT, providing team collaboration features not covered in the official OpenAI ChatGPT website.


  1. Offers a completely free deployment solution, utilizing Firebase and Railway services for deployment with free quotas sufficient to meet the needs of small teams.
  2. Supports signing in with Google accounts, phone numbers, and email addresses.
  3. Provides an admin interface for managing users, including enabling/disabling users, deleting users, and more.
  4. System settings page, where you can configure system blacklists, whitelists, OpenAI API Key, and traffic restriction rules.
  5. Users can choose to sync a local session to the cloud (to be implemented).
  6. Users can share sessions with other members of the team (to be implemented).


There are two ways to deploy GPTeams officially: Railway and Docker. Please go to the Wiki for more information.


You can participate in discussions about new features and seek help from developers on Github Discussions.


Original chatgpt-web project Redon


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